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Charles P Shipley Saddlery and Mercantile Co of Kansas City - Charles P. Shipley

Birth place or City of origin: Wooster
State of origin: OH
Last known City: Kansas City
Last known State: MO
Start/Birth date: 1864
Death/End date: 1943

Charles P. Shipley was born in Wooster, Ohio, in 1864 where he earned the saddlery and harness trade. In August of 1885, at the age 21, he founded the Charles P. Shipley Saddlery and Mercantile Company of Kansas City with $300 of borrowed capital. Charles branched out from strictly harness to the manufacture of boots, saddles, chaps, bridles and all types of leather goods eventually expanding and incorporating in 1910 while moving into a new three-story building. His son, Clyde, joined the firm as sales manager and VP in 1911 and in 1912, they published their first saddlery catalog. In 1915, Shipley bought out the G.A. Bischoff company and in 1916 bought out Oscar Crockett -- a ill fated combine which dissolved in 1920. In 1940 Charles had a stroke and his son, Clyde took over. He died in 1943, and son, Clyde, continued to run the business until the closing in 1972. One of the earliest and most successful businesses of its kind, Shipley Saddlery played a prominent part in the growth and prosperity of Kansas City.


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